Minutes of 11th Annual General Meeting  7th May 2017 

Present (11 members): C.Gounari, R Galatsanos,S Lambi, A Dimitriadi, A Kafantari,B Karatza, N Kosma, M Patsi, M. Carins, M. Kafantari

The Annual General Meeting started at 1800, due to there not being a quorum of members at what had been the scheduled start of the meeting i.e. 1730.

The deputy-chairperson of the charity Mrs Katerina Lithadioti was not present due to illness.

(1) The minutes of the 10th AGM of Faros Skopelou which took place on 4th May 2016 at 1730  was made available as photocopies in greek and english and were read and approved by the members, in line with the constitution

(2)The annual chairperson’s report for 2016. Mrs Patsi presented to the members at the meeting the annual chairperson’s written report in greek and english. This outlined the charity’s activities  in 2016,  as well as its future goals as part of the pilot programme which is being developed by Faros from 1/2/2017 until 31/1/2018:-

A. The cooperation between Faros Skopelou and Hellenic Seaways continues, with free tickets for people with cancer who are travelling to the mainland for their cancer therapy. From December 2016 the charity is also cooperating with the ferry company ANES, Aegean Flying Dolphins (from January 2017,) as well as Aqua Ferries,  all of whom provide free tickets for people with cancer and reduced tickets for the person accompanying them.

B. In December 2016 there were changes to the committee of the charity with the resignation of Maria Kafantari from the position of chair, and of Spiridoula Betasani from the position of secretary and as such the committee now has the following members:-

Chair Magda Patsi

Deputy Chair Katerina Lithadioti

Secretary  Reginos Galatsanos

Τreasurer Ninetta

Member Fanis Roussos


C. In December 2016 The Committee of Faros Skopelou voted on the proposal made by the former Chair Chariklia Gounaris, and approved the rolling out of a Pilot programme from 01/02/2017 until 31/01/2018, with the psychologist Maria Kafantari being employed as the  Service Coordinator for Faros, working from the charity’s office 20 hours per week.


D. As part of the pilot programme of Faros Skopelou the following have been achieved:-

(i) Public presentations of the charity in Skopelos and Glossa on 9/4 and 30/4 respectively

(ii) Renewed liaison and cooperation with the Health Centre of Skopelos and with other health care and social care professionals both in Skopelos and beyond to promote referrals and other forms of cooperation.

(iii)Formation of new cooperation with health care professionals working on the island with the goal of increasing referrals to the charity, meeting service users’ needs and  providing psychological support.

(iv) Exploration of the possibility of cooperation with a specialist doctor in palliative care Dr Natasha Papadavid.

(v) The receipt of donations to Faros Skopelou from the Bishop of Chalkida and from the Orthodox church of Edinburgh St Andreas.

(vi) Updating the municipality of Skopelos on the charity’s activities and the pilot programme.

(vii) Delivery of support services to 6 service users/patients with cancer, and their families.


Completing the report the charity’s chair outlined the future goals of the charity as follows:-

(i) Talks by healthcare professionals on subjects to do with cancer, and its prevention and treatment.

(ii) Working towards the creation of a Support group for women with breast cancer

(iii) developing research into the population who have cancer on the island.

(iv) Securing funding for the continuation of Faros by applications to charitable foundations for grants.


(3) The financial report 01/01/2016-31/12/2016 was presented by the treasurer Ninetta Kosmas. In accordance with this, at the start of the year the charity had 12,432.52 Euros. Payments in (membership fees,donations via Paypal or charity boxes) totalled 1109,45 euros, payments out totalled 931,85 Euros (spent on telephone/internet bills, financial support of patient,events, bank commission and payment of accountant) At the end of the year the bank balance is 12,610.12 Euros.

(4) Michael Carins, brought up the issue of the electric wheelchair/scooter which belongs to Faros and which had been loaned 3 years ago to a person with mobility problems, and asked the charity to examine more closely the feasibility of provision of such aids to those in need in the future, noting that the specific electric wheelchair/scooter is now faulty and is out of use. Ninetta Kosma made a summary of what actions had been taken so far and stated that investigations are being made into alternative ways to repair the wheelchair/scooter

(5) Maria Kafantari the service coordinator updated the AGM on the communication between Anne Cragoe and Graham Perolls who is the executive director of the organisation ‘Hospices of Hope’. They are looking into whether it will be possible for the chairperson and service coordinator of Faros to visit the Hospice of Hope in Brasov, Romania, for training, without expenditure by Faros for the outgoings for their accommodation, training and for the flight tickets.

(6) Concluding the meeting the charity’s chairperson Magda Patsi thanked everyone attending and the meeting finished at 1930


Minutes of the 10th Annual General Meeting 4th May 2016 

Present (22 members): Galatsanos Reginos, Giannakopoulou Peggy, Gounaris Chariclia, Kalogeromitrou Urania, Kafantari Maria, Cosma Ninetta, Lambi Sophie, Lithadioti G. Katerina, Palaiodimopoulos Dimitris, Patsi Magda, Roussos Epiphanius, Falcou Angelica, Bankes John, Carins Michael, Cragoe Anne, Dilieto Lesley, Gill John, Somer Jill.

Proxies:  Lloyd Robert, Stephen Chappel, Lisa Manley and Machi Papadavid appointed  Chariclia Gounaris, Maria Kafantari, Ann Cragoe and Ninetta Kosmas as their respective proxies to vote on their behalf at the AGM.

The AGM was attended by Father Evangelos Kechriotis

The Annual General Meeting started at 17:30, when according to the constitution enough members were present to proceed with the formal business of the Annual General Meeting.


Agenda Item 1:

Initial welcome

Agenda Item 2:

Approval of the minutes of the 9th Annual General meeting held on April 26, 2015.

Full copies of the minutes were available to the meeting in both Greek and English. The minutes were approved unanimously by a show of hands. 

Agenda Item 3:

Reports for 2015-2016

► Chair´s Annual report 2015-2016

A written address was submitted to the meeting by the Chairperson Chariclia Gounaris, in both Greek and English. Mrs Gounaris also gave a verbal presentation summarizing her report, together with some ideas about the priorities for the coming year. These included:

- The committee has held eight meetings.

- Faros´s cooperation with «Hellenic Seaways» for free transport to cancer patients travelling for treatment purposes will continue in the coming year.

-  A talk was given by palliative care nurse Mette Andersen in October 2015 on palliative care traditions in Denmark as part of Faros awareness-raising activities.

- Faros was involved in a fundraising Triathlon that took place in May 2015.

- Two informative articles about Faros were sent and published in the December issue of the parish newsletter of Panagia Faneromeni.

- A  proposal was put forward by the Faros committee for a petition to be sent to the City Council signed by Faros members and friends aiming at securing further use of the Faros office in the municipal building of KAPI.

- Concern was expressed by the chairperson about the future course of the Charity. In this context, a proposal was put forward by the Faros Committee for a pilot project of one year´s duration to be started in the coming months. The project is meant to operate with the daily presence in the Faros office of a paid leader/co-ordinator with the objective of actually setting up a functional model for Faros that would enable the extension of the services of the Charity in the direction of palliative care at the same time sustaining  the existing organizational and support functions of the Charity.

The AGM thanked the Chair for the report and her contribution to Faros in the past year.

Financial report 2015

End of Year Statement of Financial Accounts for the period 1st January 2015- 31st December 2015

The accounts were presented by the treasurer Maria Kafantari.

Maria Kafantari explained  that the opening balance of funds at the beginning of the year was €13.933,78 . The income in the period was €1.657,38 comprising income from donations, membership fees, Charity boxes, and fundraising

The total expenditure for the year was  €3.158,64, comprising costs to the running of the office, direct patient costs, events, bank & Pay Pal fees.

The total funds, therefore, at the end of the year were €12.432,52.

The Treasurer asked if there were any questions relating to the financial report and stated that the accounts were approved by the Charity´s auditors. The meeting´s approval of the financial report was proposed by Lesley Dilieto and the financial statement was approved unanimously by α show of hands.

Agenda Item 4:

Election of Inspection Committee, Audit Committee and Committee trustees

►Election of the Inspection Committee

The Inspection committee is appointed by the Annual General Meeting to ensure that the ballot for the election of the Audit Committee, the Chair and Officers of the committee are elected in accordance with the Charity´s constitution.

The following members were nominated:

Katerina G. Lithadioti, Chariclia Gounaris and Ranja Kalogeromitrou.

There being no other nominations, the Inspection committee was appointed unanimously by a show of handσ and therefore the above people were appointed.

►Election of the Audit Committee

Nominations for the audit committee were as follows:

Robert Lloyd, Sophie Lambi, and Angeliki Falkou.

The members present voted by ballot and the votes were confirmed as follows:

Mr. Lloyd 22 votes, Mrs Lambi 22 votes and Mrs Falkou 22 votes.

Therefore the people listed above were appointed as the Audit Committee of the current year.

There being no other nominations for the audit committee except the above three

people no reserve inspection committee members were elected.

►Election of the Chairperson

The sole nominee for the position of Chairperson was Maria Kafantari. No other nominations were received.

The members present voted by ballot and the votes in favour of Maria Kafantari were 20. There were 2 abstentions.

►Election of Committee Trustees

Nominations for the Committee of the Charity were as follows:

Spyridoula Bentsani, Katerina G. Lithadioti, Fanis Roussos, Magda Patsi, Ninetta Cosma, Rigas Galatsanos, Michael Carins.

The members present voted by ballot and the results were as follows: (in order of number of votes). Spyridoula Bentsani: 18 votes, Ninetta Cosma: 18 votes, Magda Patsi:15 votes, Katerina Lithadioti: 14 votes.

The above people were therefore elected to the committee.

The remaining votes were as follows:

Fanis Roussos: 10 votes, Rigas Galatsanos: 8 votes, Michael Carins:5 votes.

The above people were elected as reserve committee members should it be necessary under the terms of the Constituion.

Agenda Item 5:

Matters arising

Michael Carins proposed that Faros encouraged more support activities of the kind currently running, such as the wheelchair that is provided to a person in need of help after a stroke. Also, Anne Cragoe proposed more active  use of Faros´s profile on facebook with the aim of communicating  information about Faros through social networking.

Father Evangelos Kechriotis welcomed the meeting and assured of the Church´s continued co-operation with Faros, inviting Faros to send informative articles about the Charity´s actions to be published in  ”Enoriakos Logos”,  the quarterly newsletter of  the parish church of Panagia Faneromeni.


In closing, the outgoing President Chariclia  Gounaris thanked everyone and the Assembly concluded its work at 19:30.