FAROS SKOPELOS launches pilot project


As part of re-organizing and upgrading the services of FAROS SKOPELOS to a palliative care association, and following the proposals of its former president, Chariclia Gounari, the Faros committee decided to launch a pilot project that would run from February 1, 2017 to January 31, 2018.

The pilot program will consist of investigating and recording the needs of cancer patients and other patients with chronic illnesses on the island in order to get a clearer view of the situation from which to develop the best possible ways of meeting those needs. While the long-term objective remains the creation of a group of health professionals able to provide palliative care to the patients in need, it is expected that, within the time frame of the project, constructive connections with the Health Center in Skopelos town and the other health professionals on the island would already be established and collaborations formalized so that the long wished-for affiliation of a nurse and a doctor for Faros comes to be a matter of course.

Furthermore, the objectives of the pilot project would include staging more effective ways of communicating information on cancer and other chronic and life-threatening illnesses to the local community through co-ordinated actions and talks, as well as providing unswerving psychosocial support to cancer patients and their families and referrals through Faros´s network to appropriate medical and psychosocial care.

For implementing the project, the Faros committee has appointed Maria Kafantari, psychologist and Msc of Social-Clinical Addiction and Psychosocial problems Psychology, to lead and coordinate it through a weekly schedule of 20 hours of paid work.

At the end of this period, the pilot project will be evaluated and, if proven to be sucessfully driven and manifestly functional, it could be promoted as a model for operating Faros alongside the elected committee and as a springboard for raising funds for running the model on a permanent basis.